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Another Student Successfully Graduates from the Barton System at Successful Learning Educational Services!

Eden recently passed Level 10 of the Barton Reading & Spelling System. Eden also received instruction in the Framing Your Thoughts program, completing both the grammar and applied writing portions of the curricula. Eden is a very talented student. Eden has performed beautiful opera-style solos at local events, is working towards a black belt in Tae Kwondo, partners with peers at school in horticultural projects, and has a love of animals and plants. All these interests and talents are incorporated into Eden’s daily living and are within Eden’s grasp.

We are all proud of Eden’s persistence in desiring to finish several of the programs we offer at Successful Learning Educational Services. Eden has worked with Cheryl for the past several years to complete the programs.

Upon graduation, Eden’s parents commented, “…it’s not just the reading, writing skills, and time management. Just as important, is the self-confidence Eden has gained.  It is the knowledge that Eden is very intelligent and can accomplish whatever goals are set. This is a life-changing realization. This has been a life changing gift that you have given.”


We wish our former student the very best future!  As with all our graduates, we hope Eden will stop by now and then to keep us up to date on the goals and new interests that are being explored and accomplished!  Best Wishes, Eden!

Proud Parents, Gary and Stacey!
Beau loves Eden and shows his enthusiam
Proud Tutor, Cheryl Anthony
Beautiful Thank You Gift