Read Across America & Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Celebrations at SLES

As you can see from the NEA Read Across America video, Bella’s Story, it is important to develop a love of learning at an early age.  Our schools work hard to develop this interest…and have some fun while doing so!

As a classroom teacher, I also loved helping my students develop a love of learning.  I too celebrated literacy in a variety of ways, for a variety of learners.  And then, I learned about dyslexia.  I learned that most classrooms do not support the dyslexic learner in the way they really need to be supported to foster and develop that love of reading.  So, I chose to do something different!

Kate McLean

My favorite saying is, “fill the need and it goes away.” I am very honored to be in a position to combine my passion for teaching and the best practices to meet the needs of children struggling with reading, writing and math.

Kate McLean –  Tutor and LWT Assessment Provider

Advanced Reading & Spelling, Beginner Tutor Certification, Dyslexia Screener and Consultant, Foundation in Sounds, Handwriting Without Tears; Math Instruction, Fractions, Decimals and Higher Place Value and Operations.


12 years experience as Teaching Assistant for Kindergarten through Elementary grades and 3 years as Pre-school – Kindergarten Teacher.

Elaine Sound

Working with others to help them feel valued and successful in life has always been something I enjoy and feel called to do, ever since I was a child. I strongly believe every person is born with a special purpose in life, and I consider it a privilege to help them realize that, especially when they face challenges that can often cloud their way. There is nothing more precious when I see the light come on in someone’s eyes and hear them say, ”I can do this!”

Elaine Sound –  Tutor, Assessment Provider and Office Manager

Bachelors in Psychology from UC Davis; Elementary (K-8) and Special Ed. (PreK-8) teaching certificates. Masters in Special Education from California State University; ACSI Certified; Advanced Reading & Spelling System, Beginner Certification, Foundation in Sounds, Handwriting Without Tears, Framing Your Thoughts, Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program and Foundation in Sounds.


Resource Room teacher; Elementary teacher, ECC teacher and assistant for autistic preschool; private tutor. Elaine also home-schooled for 7 years.