Devon Payne

I enjoy working with students because of the relationships I get to form with them during our time together – they bring joy to my life. Working with them also provides me with the opportunity to mold them into confident, independent learners, which is something that brings me an immense amount of joy – for me, relationships and building their confidence is what teaching is all about.

Devon Payne –  Tutor

Experience:   Western Washington University – Bachelors of Arts – Communication and Media Studies

Concordia University – Masters of Arts in Teaching – Elementary Education

Karen Brown

Karen Brown – Assessment Provider 

Education Specialist, Assistant Professor, Institute on Development & Disability, OHSU, Discipline Director of Special Education, Education Consultant, The Hemophilia Center, Community Consultant, Past president of ORBIDA, service on various education and  health councils, published contributor to pediatric publications.

Education: M.Ed. University of Nebraska, Training in Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction.
Experience:  Service-oriented professional with over 17 years of experience serving children, youth and young adults with special health, development and education needs. Extensive experience providing education assessments as part of an interdisciplinary clinic team; partnering with families, medical providers and schools to optimize health and education outcomes; and managing community-based, multi-plangency child health teams providing care coordination.

Verna Gibson

I find joy in helping others to gain comprehension of both the reading and writing of English as well as speaking, whether it is with ESL (English Second Language) students or with those who find the language a struggle to deal with in their daily lives. 


I have a background in homeschooling, teaching ESL in classrooms, private tutoring, and online teaching.

Verna Gibson –  Tutor

B.A. Fine Art, MBA, TESL Certificate PSU.
Tutoring individuals with learning differences since 2012

Kaitlyn Burge

I have experience designing and implementing my own lesson plans and materials into lessons to reach her students who have different learning styles. Im passionate about teaching because I want my students to feel cared for, supported, encouraged, and successful.

Kaitlyn Burge–  Tutor

Kaitlyn Burge has a passion for teaching and helping students become successful learners. Kaitlyn graduated from Washington State University of Vancouver with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2018.     She graduated from Concordia University with her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with an Endorsement in Reading Intervention in 2020. Over the past three years, Kaitlyn has been working as a substitute teacher for four different school districts and really enjoys working with the elementary grades. 


Kate McLean

My favorite saying is, “fill the need and it goes away.” I am very honored to be in a position to combine my passion for teaching and the best practices to meet the needs of children struggling with reading, writing and math.

Kate McLean –  Tutor and LWT Assessment Provider

Advanced Reading & Spelling, Beginner Tutor Certification, Dyslexia Screener and Consultant, Foundation in Sounds, Handwriting Without Tears; Math Instruction, Fractions, Decimals and Higher Place Value and Operations.


12 years experience as Teaching Assistant for Kindergarten through Elementary grades and 3 years as Pre-school – Kindergarten Teacher.

Andrea Allen

Having a daughter who was not identified with dyslexia until her sophomore year of high school, I clearly understand how hard my students work in their studies. Most importantly, I recognize that they are very bright individuals who are gifted in many areas.

Andrea Allen–  Tutor

Andrea has firsthand experience of the struggles and hardship learning with dyslexia can bring. She is a graduate of the Barton Program. Coming full circle, she now loves helping students who are facing the same obstacles she had to overcome. Andrea continually breaks through educational barriers and is passionate about helping future generations as well.