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Cheryl is now a Certified HeartMath® Coach!


Life is messy!  Do you sometimes feel so overwhelmed that your ability to focus is interrupted, you have difficulty getting things accomplished, and even how you communicate with others is impacted?  HeartMath® courses provide attendees with techniques to become more equipped to handle life’s more challenging moments.

We all need the ability to bring into focus what we are really feeling and thinking…the ability to bring our heart and mind together.  We need tools that we can use in the moment when we could otherwise feel overwhelmed and disengaged.  We need to recognize what brings us energy and what depletes our daily capacity to thrive.

HeartMath techniques will help you to synchronize what your heart and mind is telling you and provide you with techniques to bounce back from difficult moments in your day. These simple, but effective, tools will help you to better recognize whether your heart and mind are in sync, and how that can affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. This short course will provide you with techniques that are available to you wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Don’t waste another day feeling overwhelmed!  Join us for this middle-of-the day class.  You will be finished before your children get out of school…and in fact, might have more resilience and coping skills to manage the rest of the day with your family!

Several Available Classes:

  1.  July 11th, 12th, 13th, 17th & 18th  2:00PM-3:15PM   Registration Link
  2. Mondays, July 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st  7:00PM-8:15PM  Registration Link

Does your child struggle with test anxiety?  Do they break down when work becomes too difficult?  Do they seem to lack the ability to tackle everyday problems?  We will share techniques that have been developed to help children better cope with daily expectations.  These techniques can help them before those emotional meltdowns occur.

A student recently came in to the tutoring session stressed from the day at school.  He had shut down emotionally and the tutor could tell they were not going to get much accomplished that day.  She asked the parent if she could share a new technique that she had been using to bring calmness and clarity to the situation.  After the parent agreed, the tutor asked the student if he would be willing to try something new.  He agreed.  The tutor shared the simple, two-minute technique with him.  Immediately, the student’s whole demeanor shifted.  A calmness came over his face.  He then stated that he was ready to begin tutoring.  He engaged positively the rest of the session.  The tutor shared that she would begin a class soon using this and other techniques.  The student enthusiastically asked if he could attend the class!

Available Classes:

  1. 8-12 Years Old:  Monday-Thursday, June 26th-29th  10:00AM-11:00AM  Registration Link
  2. 13-18 Years Old:  Monday-Thursday, June 26th-29th  11:00AM-12:30PM  Registration Link

Cost: $149 (Includes the book needed for the class)
All classes limited to 10 attendees.  Sign up now!

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