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Assistive Technology

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New assistive technology can help improve understanding for children and adults with dyslexia or other challenges

Reading Technology

Recorded Books

Use of recorded books is an assistive technology that can be a great help for students struggling with fluency and/or lack of ability to sound out words.

  • Listening to textbooks or narrative books will increase vocabulary, which will also increase reading comprehension.
  • Listening to textbooks or other types of books may help a student keep up with the amount of reading required in classrooms.
Resources for Recorded Books:



Taking notes can be a great challenge for students who struggle to write legibly or who struggle to attend and write at the same time. Students with dyslexia can struggle to get the speaker’s words on paper while trying to keep in mind what the speaker has said. There are several assistive technology tools available to help in this area.

Watch for a listing of these tools to be posted soon!

Technology Class: The Echo Pen

Do you or someone you know struggle to take notes during classes? The Echo Pen is a wonderful tool to help with learning in the classroom. Our course will help you make the fullest use of this technology device. We tell you where to purchase the device at the best price and where to get supplies. We will also be available provide you with additional support. You will learn how to record an audio of what is being taught during lectures, how to record notes, and how upload them to your computer.

Additional software will be shown that maximizes the use of the Echo Pen. You soon discover this is a device you won’t want to be without.  Uses:  college classes, business meetings, and lectures in general. Open to students in high school and adults. Class size is limited to 3.

Let us know if you’re interested in this class here 🙂

Livescribe Smartpen

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