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Dear Dyslexia Community Members,

I know you have received many emails and communications regarding the impact of the COVID-19.  I hope you will take a moment to read one more!

While so many tutors have been having to learn how to provide services in an online format, we have been doing so for several years now.  Our main thrust forward was to incorporate some additional technology to allow tutors to work from home. We’ve been ahead of this thrust and all tutors have access to what they need to continue our comprehensive reading, writing, and math tutoring from the safety of their homes. I must thank my incredible IT Manager, Shawn Washburn, for his intuitive skills in helping prepare us as needed!

We have several dyslexia diagnostic assessments that have been completed and with the collaboration of our clinical psychologist, Dr. Sharon Gavora, we are able to deliver our parent reports via our online platform as well.  We had already incorporated this approach for some out-of-town families, so we continue to move forward in providing the documentation and meetings for local families in this now-needed venue.

We have a contract with a distance learning program which has been online from the beginning and we have been able to continue serving these families as usual.

While some educators and parents have been concerned about having their students and children learn through an online platform, we have experienced success for the past few years with many of our students and are so grateful we were ready and will  continue to serve students uninterrupted during this crucial time.

If you know of a family wanting to take advantage of this downtime in public and private education to provide intensive support for their child, have them give our office a call.  My Office Assistant, Jordan, is taking calls Mon-Thursday from 12:00-5:00 p.m. 360-326-4739, Hopefully we will be able to schedule some sessions for the much-needed support in math, reading, or writing composition.  Several of our families have even increased their tutoring weekly sessions to move progress forward at a faster pace.  

We are thankful for your support in the past and ask that you support us during this unprecedented time when many small businesses are struggling.  Our hope is that we will be able to thrive in supporting our local community and even beyond during the days ahead!

Look at our Facebook page where I am posting many free or trial online supports for our students.

Stay Well Friends,

Cheryl Anthony, MS Ed.