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Its time to take this class!

  • I can’t find my homework!
  • I forgot to do my assignment!
  • I have a project due tomorrow!!
  • I didn’t do so well this report card time.

How many times are you saying, “Have you started your homework, chores, project yet?” Is your child, teen, young adult struggling due to lack of time management or organization skills?

Taught by Cheryl Anthony
The Sklar Process
Using the innovative Sklar Process

Attend this innovative class with your child and learn about executive functioning, maturation of the brain, how to better organize your child’s schedule (including time for homework), and how to better work together as a family to support each other in the area of managing your time and space.

Using the innovative Sklar Process as our base, this class will help you see what your current life schedule is like and how to better manage the time you do have. Our Seeing My Time class will give you a solid understanding of maturation of the brain’s function, and real tools to help manage the household’s time and to help your child manage their time more efficiently.

Take the nagging out of parenting!  Place the decision making and accountability in your child’s corner. Going to college and need help managing all of the expectations and assignments? This class is for you too! Great tools for organizing your now packed schedule.

Past attendees often say that everyone should take this course!  So take the class now, begin putting skills into practice, work with the techniques during the summer…and be ready to hit the ground running for school year!

Number of sessions: 7

Single attendee:  $375.00
1 Adult and 1 Family Member: $425.00
1 Adult and 2 Family Members: $475.00
1 Adult and 3 Family Members: $525.00

Note: this class is for individuals families with kids 5th grade and up.

This interesting and informative videocast regarding executive functioning and how these skills are emphasized in the Seeing My Time class series.

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