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Testing and Evaluation for Dyslexia

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Diagnostic Testing for Dyslexia

This is the gold standard. Adults may need a diagnosis for dyslexia. A diagnosis may be required for adults in the workplace for accommodations or for testing for workplace advancement. Students transitioning to college are often required to have a diagnosis for college testing accommodations or college entrance with accommodations. Currently, most colleges require diagnostic testing within 2 years of college entrance. Younger students may benefit by having a diagnosis at an earlier age to track their history of dyslexia. Some schools prefer a diagnosis before providing accommodations. It may be, that a parent wants to know determinedly whether the symptoms and struggles being experienced are due to dyslexia. The process at Successful Learning for diagnostic testing is:

  • Family, developmental, and educational history of individual to be tested will be reviewed during an interview with Cheryl Anthony, MS Ed.
  • Language Processing, Dysgraphia, and Academic Testing 3.5 – 4.0 hours, varies depending on child.
  • Social/emotional history of individual to be tested will be reviewed during an interview with Dr. Sharon Gavora, Psy. D.
  • Cognitive Testing 2.0 hours, varies depending on individual
  • Final Meeting Approx. 2.5 hours At this meeting parents (or adult individuals) are presented with their child’s (individual) written report. The meeting will consist of a review of the testing sessions and report information. You will receive information about how to tell your child he/she has dyslexia, how to work with your child’s school, and what kind of remediation should be given. Adults who have been tested will be informed about how to work with their college or workplace. Information about local resources will also be shared.
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