Tutoring Services

All families are screened before services begin through a phone interview. Our services are designed to help your family get a correct diagnosis and a remedial program that will bring results!


Tutoring consists of a minimum of two 50-minute, one-on-one sessions, per week. Your child will be screened to determine which program will be utilized.

Our tutors have received explicit training in each of the systems they utilize.

How Do We Approach Tutoring?

We approach tutoring in a way that is individualized for the needs of each student.

Each program used to remediate an area of difficulty is chosen due to its explicit approach to the specific area to be targeted. Most often a multisensory approach is used due to strong research based evidence that shows these kinds of programs are highly effective with long lasting results.

Areas of Tutoring

Barton Reading & Spelling System and Lindamood Programs

Certified Barton Tutors are ready to meet your needs!


  • Phoneme Sequencing (a foundation for decoding)
  • Decoding (sounding out words)
  • Fluency (speed and accuracy)
  • Sight Words
  • Comprehension

Auditory discrimination of sounds

Mild articulation difficulties


  • Sight Words
  • All other words

Reading Comprehension


Some individual lack the ability to image what they read.  This program enables a student to learn to image what they read to improve reading comprehension skills.

Does your child struggle to write neatly?

Handwriting Without Tears® is a proven success in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for students.

  • Printing
  • Cursive

NEW!  Math Assessment   NEW!  An in-depth math assessment is now available that will assess all strands of math.  Follow up this assessment with tutoring in math to address areas of difficulty.

On Cloud Nine Math Tutoring

Many individuals experience problems when learning and using math facts and concepts due to difficulties in either symbol imagery, concept imagery, or both.

Symbol imagery or, Numeral Imagery, is the ability to visualize the identity and sequence of numerals and other symbols in math problems. Many students who are thought to have math-specific learning disabilities are able to perform functions, such as addition and subtraction. However,  these individuals struggle with difficulties in recognizing the written symbols. For example, “six minus one is five,” but when the math problem is written-out as “6-1=__,” they may not recognize what the ‘6’ means, or that the ‘-‘ is a minus sign; and, if they do recognize the meaning of the symbols, they may still struggle with their order (i.e., which number is being subtracted from which).

Concept imagery is the ability to visualize the whole of a math concept. It is the underlying skill needed for critical thinking.  A number of students who are thought to have math-specific learning disabilities are able to process the parts, but struggle to see the big picture.  Difficulties are experienced when trying to connect the overall concept to individual math problems. For example, they might be able to solve for “1+3,” but they cannot solve for “1+4,” because they do not comprehend the concept of addition – they simply memorized the math fact “1+3=4.”

Math-related weaknesses in symbol/numeral imagery, concept imagery, or both, often manifest through the following symptoms:  difficulty learning math facts, understanding math relationships, computations, solving word problems, and difficulty performing higher mathematical problems.

The On Cloud Nine® (OCN™) Math program, created by Kimberly Tuley, Lindamood Bell and Nanci Bell, helps kids and adults develop the underlying sensory-cognitive functions needed for math processing. Unlike most math programs, OCN instruction directly applies concept and symbol imagery to learning and retaining math facts, solving word problems, and increasing the speed and stability of math computation. Students in the On Cloud Nine Math program move through a series of steps – from imaging numerals to solving word problems and working with fractions/decimals – to develop the imagery-language connection for competency in math.


We have recently added internet tutoring with the Barton Reading & Spelling System and Seeing My Time.  We know that there are many individuals needing tutoring who do not have access to trained tutors in these programs, who may not have the capability or time to drive long distances to receive the consistent help they need. Let us come to you via the internet! We already have a number of students receiving tutoring in this format, and with our trained and certified tutors they are enjoying the same success as students who are able to come to our face-to-face programs.

Call us today to learn how you can access tutoring no matter where you live!


Middle School, High School, College, and Adults

Seeing My Time — Visual Tools for Executive Functioning Success

Does your child/do you have difficulty keeping track of your time? Are you challenged to make deadlines? Do you struggle to figure out where to begin a project? This course can provide you with invaluable strategies to be successful in these areas.

This course is available on an individual or group basis. It is appropriate for 5th grade students and their parents to individual adults. Many adults in professional settings find this course helpful for organization of their space and time.

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