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The Seeing My Time Course, is the core of The Sklar Process™—Much more Than Time Management

Instructor Cheryl Anthony has received training in the executive functioning based program, The Sklar ProcessTM Seeing My Time.


Middle school and high school is a big change for students. They are expected to increase their independence, juggle homework from multiple teachers, and develop and refine new study skills–often while maintaining an active after-school life. Neuroscience tells us that the adolescent brain isn’t ready to handle these increased time management demands. The mismatch between the adolescent brain and society’s expectations puts these young students at risk for academic failure. Children with learning differences are at an increased risk for not getting things done. Parents suffer while their child suffers.

The Sklar Process

The Sklar Process™ is unique in that it does not begin with strategies or focus on past failures. It begins with the brain and how our brains’ strengths and weaknesses effect our behavior. By understanding their brains, participants realize that they are not “lazy” or “bad people.” With the guilt removed, they have hope, and are ready to embrace the behavior-changing success strategies in the rest of the course.

Seeing My Time is a course for both the child and parent. This hands-on program teaches about time and how to support the brain to get things done. The course is carefully constructed to maximize learning and promote effective, long-term behavior changes with time management.

Parents of students under 18 come to the sessions with their child. Parents learn a lot, too!

It is equally effective for adults in the workplace.

If you struggle to manage tasks and get them done on time, have difficulty managing your home environment, or college load, this course will get you on track to completing what you need to do in an organized, efficient manner.

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