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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

The month of October is set aside each year to raise Dyslexia Awareness. Governors across the country sign proclamations stating they support this attention in their respective states. Washington and Oregon are states included in this growing list of proclamations.

How SLES Contributes to Dyslexia Awareness

We began our focus on Dyslexia Awareness in September with our Dyslexia Simulation and Dyslexia 101. We were happy that a table full of Washington state teachers and a school psychologist, as well as parents and siblings, attended this season’s event. Our very own Karen Brown presented the 101 information, with excellent information on the current laws across our nation. One of the most poignant scenes was that a former student of ours’, Andrea, led one of the Walk A Mile in My Shoes stations. She did a great job of leading the groups and answering the attendees’ questions. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff made this event memorable!

I have been intrigued to personally interact with students who have been receiving dyslexia support through one-on-one tutoring over the past few months. I still work with just a couple of students personally, and some of the comments they have made have set my heart singing.

More Dyslexia Success Stories

Abby, one of my students now in working on the foreign influence of languages upon the American language, tells me about the lengthy books she is reading and enjoying. She has shared that she uses a combination of eye and ear reading to help her through the lengthy books she wants to read – as in the lengthy Harry Potter series, as well as other books of choice and classroom assigned reads. She often tells me about the good reads she is enjoying. Abby recently began our session by excitedly telling me she had surpassed her grade level reading benchmark when assessed by her school! We are also working on writing and the importance of writing descriptively. She stated that not writing descriptively would be like being in a white room with nothing on the walls. I love this thinking!

Olivia, my other student, is working on the variations of Vowel-R patterns. She too shares about her choosing to read books on her own and the freedom she feels in choosing books to read depending on her interests. It is so amazing to watch students grow in their capacity and confidence to read, spell, and write as interventions continue!

We had a number of students complete various levels of our intervention programs over the summer months. We enjoy posting their pictures and sharing just a little bit about them. We are seeing more and more of our families choosing to complete the programs offered. I attend their End of Level meetings where we discuss their progress throughout the level of work, and in this case the end of the program. In one recent meeting the student Gavin, shared that he never thought he would get to this place. But he did, and successfully too! These students and parents consistently tell me about the good grades they are now receiving in school and the difference the instruction has made in their reading and spelling abilities. We are so proud of our students! It takes a considerable amount of dedication and fortitude for them to attend tutoring consistently to make these gains. We are also proud of the parents who make these sessions a priority at this point in their lives!

We Can All Contribute to Dyslexia Awareness

As we continue through the month of October, let us share these good stories, or your own personal story of your child’s progress after receiving an appropriate assessment/diagnosis of dyslexia and intervention with your family, your neighbors, and your child’s teachers, and classmates’ parents. There are still too many people with a misunderstanding of dyslexia. You can share your personal story or send them to our website where they can learn about the symptoms of dyslexia…and then learn more.

Learn more about the symptoms of dyslexia.

We invite you to attend any or all of the October Dyslexia Awareness events in your area. Here is a listing of several within the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

Perhaps most importantly, I want to invite our former students to send me their stories to share. Where are you now? What has been your experience since receiving tutoring services at SLES? What has been your experience at college or training schools? Do you find the support needed at these next steps? We would love to hear your stories and even receive a picture of you, if you’d like us to share! Parents, you can also share your stories with me! Our goal is to encourage those who are still in the process or considering support for their child. Email me here.

Help us spread the word!

❖ Dyslexia is not rare but is common–1 in 5!

❖ 85% of those receiving instruction and still struggling to read.

❖ With the right support, those suffering dyslexia can experience a difference that leads to great things!

Cheryl Anthony