SLES Podcast Episode 3: Signs of Dyslexia: Early Childhood


Welcome back to the Successful Learning Educational Services Podcast!  Do you know what signs to look for to recognize if your child might have dyslexia?  Have you thought that you had to wait for the terrible phone call from your child’s 3rd grade teacher telling you your child is struggling to read to determine that your child has dyslexia?  Well, you’re in luck!  Cheryl is going to share with us the early signs, so that you can be aware and knowledgeable for yourself!!

Show notes:

Reading Rockets: Activities to encourage speech and language development

Reading Rockets’ Link to ASHA: Articles by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA: American Speech Language Hearing Association

Phonemic Awareness in Young Children


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Does Your Child Struggle with Math?

Is child failing state math tests?  Is math homework a struggle every night?  Does your child struggle to learn math facts, even after night after night of flashcard practice?  Let us help!

NEW!  Math Assessment  An in-depth math assessment is now available that will evaluates all strands of math.  Follow up this assessment with tutoring in math to address areas of difficulty. We now have math tutoring available that provides help in the many areas that students typically struggle with.  Our focus is to develop the underlying concepts of the mathematical problems students are being asked to solve in today’s classrooms.  If a student doesn’t understand the underpinnings of the math problems they are being asked to solve they will be unable to show their work effectively.  Let us help your child in a way that forms the foundational concepts of math!

Many individuals experience problems when learning and using math facts and concepts due to difficulties in either symbol imagery, concept imagery, or both.

Symbol imagery or, Numeral Imagery, is the ability to visualize the identity and sequence of numerals and other symbols in math problems. Many students who are thought to have math-specific learning disabilities are able to perform functions, such as addition and subtraction. However,  these individuals struggle with difficulties in recognizing the written symbols. For example, “six minus one is five,” but when the math problem is written-out as “6-1=__,” they may not recognize what the ’6′ means, or that the ‘-’ is a minus sign; and, if they do recognize the meaning of the symbols, they may still struggle with their order (i.e., which number is being subtracted from which).

Concept imagery is the ability to visualize the whole of a math concept. It is the underlying skill needed for critical thinking.  A number of students who are thought to have math-specific learning disabilities are able to process the parts, but struggle to see the big picture.  Difficulties are experienced when trying to connect the overall concept to individual math problems. For example, they might be able to solve for “1+3,” but they cannot solve for “1+4,” because they do not comprehend the concept of addition – they simply memorized the math fact “1+3=4.”

Math-related weaknesses in symbol/numeral imagery, concept imagery, or both, often manifest through the following symptoms:  difficulty learning math facts, understanding math relationships, computations, solving word problems, and difficulty performing higher mathematical problems.

The On Cloud Nine® (OCN™) Math program, created by Kimberly Tuley and Nanci Bell, helps kids and adults develop the underlying sensory-cognitive functions needed for math processing. Unlike most math programs, OCN instruction directly applies concept and symbol imagery to learning and retaining math facts, solving word problems, and increasing the speed and stability of math computation. Students in the On Cloud Nine Math program move through a series of steps – from imaging numerals to solving word problems and working with fractions/decimals – to develop the imagery-language connection for competency in math.

Read through our Tutoring page to learn more about the programs we use. Call us today to schedule a math assessment!

Dyslexia, Speech and Language at Successful Learning Ed. Services

Does your child struggle with reading and writing?  Have they also struggled with articulation or language difficulties?  Have you wondered if they might have dyslexia? Could there be a link between the two? Call us today and to learn more.

Successful Learning Educational Services is excited to announce a brand new offering of speech and language evaluations and therapy services.  Elizabeth Grant, MA, CCC-SLP, has recently joined our staff.  Elizabeth has worked in school, hospital, and rehabilitation settings and is qualified to provide assessments and varied therapies for children and adults who have speech/language needs.

If your needs are combined with reading and writing challenges, we will provide you with a collaborative setting to assess and provide remediation using the skills sets of dyslexia and speech and language professionals in both areas.

Don’t let your child struggle in these areas any longer!  Give us a call today!

Watch for our new webpage of our speech and language services.