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Sometimes you know that a meeting is just meant to be.  When you have a passion for helping students read and write.  When you are looking for just the right reading materials for struggling readers.  When you have a drive to find the “Just Right” text that they can read. When you want to share that motivating drive to get kids reading and you find someone else that shares that passion.

That is how I feel about meeting author Yasmin John-Thorpe last November in Green Valley, Arizona.

SLES Podcast Episode 2: Dyslexia Myths

Have you ever wondered how to sort out the truth from the lies when it comes to information on the different learning disabilities? Where does one go to get the most updated information and latest research for what is really going on in this field. In this episode we are going to discuss some of the myths that are lurking around about dyslexia. We hope you enjoy.Show Links:
Music credited to Bensound: Tenderness

Speaking and Exhibiting on Dyslexia at SW WA Sped Conference

Informative Presentations
Cheryl will present Dyslexia:  Myth or Reality in the 21st Century

Dyslexia:  Myth or Reality in the 21st Century.

Join Cheryl Anthony at the SW WA Sped Conference at Prairie High School in Vancouver, WA  on April 26, 2014 where she will  be speaking on Dyslexia:  Myth or Reality in the 21st Century. She will give attendees a brief experience of what life is like on a day to day basis for those with this learning difference.  Find out about the symptoms of dyslexia and what is happening in the community of those supporting dyslexia in 2014.  Then join us at the Exhibitor’s Hall for more information about the entire line of services we have to offer!  We will be there the entire afternoon to answer questions and provide resources for further help.

SW WA Sped Conference at Prairie High School in Vancouver, WA  will provide concurrent sessions/workshops, a keynote speaker, and an exhibit hall. Registration for the conference is now open. The conference is FREE. WA Clock hours are available for teachers.