SLES Podcast Episode 2: Dyslexia Myths

Have you ever wondered how to sort out the truth from the lies when it comes to information on the different learning disabilities? Where does one go to get the most updated information and latest research for what is really going on in this field. In this episode we are going to discuss some of the myths that are lurking around about dyslexia. We hope you enjoy.Show Links:
Music credited to Bensound: Tenderness

Dyslexia Student On Her Way to College

I just want to thank you and inform you where I am now and tell you (Cheryl Anthony) that I couldn’t have gotten here without you!  Brooke Brown

I want tell you about my senior year!

This year I am participating in Running Start at Clark College and am now looking forward to attending a university.


Brooke’s Mom Brag:  Brooke, who is categorically severely dyslexic & was in speech therapy and specialized dyslexia tutoring for over half her life, has received 3 scholarship offers in the past few days: a Provost Scholarship of $32,000 over 4 years, a Dean Scholarship of $13,500, and a Presidential Scholarship of $18,000 PR YEAR!!

She has maintained a 4.0 throughout high school (while swimming), & currently has 2 college classes and 2 AP classes in her schedule. She is the hardest working kid I know and I couldn’t be more proud/prouder? I’ll have to ask Brooke…) :0)