SLES Podcast Episode 3: Signs of Dyslexia: Early Childhood


Welcome back to the Successful Learning Educational Services Podcast!  Do you know what signs to look for to recognize if your child might have dyslexia?  Have you thought that you had to wait for the terrible phone call from your child’s 3rd grade teacher telling you your child is struggling to read to determine that your child has dyslexia?  Well, you’re in luck!  Cheryl is going to share with us the early signs, so that you can be aware and knowledgeable for yourself!!

Show notes:

Reading Rockets: Activities to encourage speech and language development

Reading Rockets’ Link to ASHA: Articles by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA: American Speech Language Hearing Association

Phonemic Awareness in Young Children


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Successful Learning Educational Services, LLC Opens

Successful Learning Educational Services, LLC, opens in Hazel Dell, Washington!

Our new address is:  10000 NE 7th Ave. Suite 230 Vancouver, WA  98685

We are happy to announce the addition of several new tutors, all certified or trained in their area of service.

If you are searching for a tutor to help your child with reading, spelling, handwriting, math facts, or time-management, give us a call! Our new phone number is:  360-326-4739.  Our tutors are caring, resourceful individuals, who are passionate about helping each of their students.

We love our new space!  Our location is just one minute from the I-5 exit at 99th Street.  It is convenient for individuals coming from anywhere in Vancouver, points north of Vancouver, and the Portland Metro area.

If you are looking for tutors who care about your child’s needs, give us a call!

H.H. Hall Building
Successful Learning Ed.       Services, LLC opens in H.H. Hall Building
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New Signage