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Testing and Evaluation for Dyscalculia

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Assessing Dyscalculia

Many students with math difficulties just give up, thinking they will never be able to understand math or correctly complete math calculations; even those required for daily living. But there is hope!

Just as we need to know WHY as student is struggling in reading or in writing, we need to know why a student is struggling in math. We need to know what skills are lacking- what skills are needing additional instruction.  It is also helpful to know about the innate processing speed and memory of the student. These abilities also impact an individual’s abilities to complete the complex and varied steps in solving mathematical equations.

Assessment is key to determining what foundational skills are lacking and which are intact.

We provide an assessment that help us understand more about your child’s mathematical needs. Once assessment is completed we will share the results and follow a plan that targets those needs.

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