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Multiplication Summer Course

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Helping Lock In Math Facts

Does your child need to memorize the multiplication facts? Have they found it difficult to do so? This is a course that will help your child understand the multiplication concept, visualize the multiplication facts by groups, and work on memory by introducing a new technique to help lock in those facts!
Successful Learning Tutor Kate McLean and successful student

Take our small group, Multiplication Summer Course with Tutor Kate McLean.

Who will benefit from this course?

Students preparing for beginning 3rd grade, students needing practice on multiplication facts and students wanting to avoid the summer slide.


Students must have number knowledge (1-100) and addition and subtraction understanding. Also note that student success is dependent on home practice with prepared worksheets.

To register for the course, click here, or on any of the upcoming class dates listed below. Click on the Class Details tab for additional information about the classes and coursework.

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